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Introducing our King Arthur Member Business Directory


Camelot Nation,

In times like these,  many of you are looking for ways to make a small difference in your communities.  One of the best ways to do this is to support your friends and neighbors who run small businesses in your community.

Many King Arthur members run businesses and employee people in your communities.  The Krewe is proud to highlight these businesses.  Over the next several weeks,  businesses will be registering so the listing will keep growing.

Next time that you need of a service, a product, something to eat and/or drink, or celebrate a big event when the current situation allows,  we encourage you to support these krewemember businesses.    Once a week,  the krewe will highlight on Facebook, several of these businesses.  As a bonus,  some may be offering some KA Member Deals.   Continue reading Introducing our King Arthur Member Business Directory

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Thank You!

We are very appreciative of the 1200 members (so far) who have joined the krewe for our 2021 Parade.   We recognize that for many members, it has been a difficult choice to spend money on Mardi Gras with everything else going on.  We thank you for your trust and support! 

If you missed $275 Early Bird, you can still join for a low low price of $350 until June 9th! and you still get 2021 rollover and dues price protection if the city decides to cancel due to COVID.  

King Arthur:  The Best Value in all of Mardi Gras!