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COVID Vaccinations

On August 25, Mayor Cantrell issued a letter to the all the Mardi Gras leader’s via the Mayor’s Mardi Gras Advisory Committee (MMGAC) encouraging all Mardi Gras krewe members to get vaccinated against the corona virus.  This is inline with what was stated at the latest MMGAC meeting, during which the Mayor encouraged all Mardi Gras krewe members get vaccinated.  The mayor’s letter is attached below.

The Krewe of King Arthur would like to encourage that everyone get vaccinated as recommended by the numerous city, state, and federal health and medical personnel since the vaccines have been made available to the general public.  The Krewe of King Arthur is not a health organization on any level and would recommend that it’s members follow the advice of their family physician before making the choice to get vaccinated.

This info was originally sent to members via email in mid September. Please read the letter linked below.

Encourage Mardi Gras Krewe Members To Get Vaccinated