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ID: 3738Status: CompletedVersion: N/AReport Date: November 12, 2020Product: Default Product
AssigneeMike Gurrola-Coner

  • 11.12 – NEW – We have decided to cancel all Karamel Korn Orders. This will require us to refund all current orders as well as “Hide” Karamel Korn on our KA Storefront.
  • 11.12 – NEW – We will be selling brand new King Arthur Facemasks at an upcoming sale and will need the Face Masks to be available for purchase online. I have created a Product in Square as well as on WooCommerce > Products but I cant tell why the item is not linking to the Square entry. This would also require the Face Masks to be added to the dropdown on the Product Orders page if that is not an automated process. Please advise

Karamel Korn is no longer available for purchase. Not sure if you did it in Woocommerce or just updated it in Square. You have a product created for mask but it could use a picture, needs to be place in stock and any other details and then you have to hit the publish button. I believe by default it will appear in the store. Here’s the products page with the mask item:

There’s an import button if you create a new product in Square and want to pull it into Woocommerce. It says that will compare the SKU and pull in any that aren’t already in Woocommerce. You can find that button here:

  • 11.25 – I think I removed the Korn from showing on WooCommerce directly. As far as the “import all from Square” button. Thanks for the knowledge and that would be great to use but we have several items in Square that we don’t plan to sell online so it might be too much clutter to import everything.
  • As far as stock on the Facemask is confirmed, I do have an item created and in stock (100) on Square. I even have the box checked on WooCommerce under facemask – inventory selected that says “sync with square” but the inventory simply will not update. Thoughts? Also, I did manage to add a picture of the item and I “published it even though 0 stock but it is still not showing on KA store.

12.1 The setting, Hide from Catalog when Out of Stock was checked. I unchecked it so you can see the Facemask in /shop. I’m not sure about the issue with square sync. Kevin may have an idea if it was working for other products. I think the SKU just has to be the same and I do see a square sync scheduled task running. Send me the credentials for square if you want me to take a look on that end. I’m not seeing the issue from WordPress.

  • NEW – 12.1 – We need to refund all orders of Karmel Korn. May have an issue as I was just trying to refund the Linzy order and was met with an error that “Order is more than 120 days old – Cannot Refund”.

Is that from WooCommerce. Let’s try it from Square. I’ll poke around in square tomorrow.

  • 12.8 – REPLY – The 4 month Notification that I reference above did indeed come from Woo. Also, Kevin and I were able to get the Masks to inventory sync. He thinks Path to do so is here:

Do we need to make changes here?

  • 12.30 – We do not need to make any changes.