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2022 Membership - OPENING
ID: 3773Status: CompletedVersion: N/AReport Date: December 3, 2020Product: Default Product Resolution Date: December 14, 2020Resolution Version:
AssigneeMariah Landry

  • 12.3 – NEW – At least a month ago you mentioned that most of the bugs could be addressed in the next few months. I hope that is still the case as holidays are now upon us and we just confirmed that we hope to move forward with opening up 2022 membership by mid Jan. I hope this will be enough time for you to update all affected webpages/forms that reference a date as well as archive all 2021 pages/lists. The dues will stay the same of $425 in 2022 but we will NOT offer an Early Bird at all so just 1 membership level for RIDING member. Prior to this we will need to have a solution for transferring all 2021 dues over to 2022 and requiring all members to sign the new 2022 Indemnity. Hopefully we will have the solution for an adult to electronically sign for their minor as well. Further, we will need to refund all Korn orders prior to that date (hopefully much sooner).


  • As always, any bugs still marked assigned to you have unanswered replies/comments that are awaiting input or development as some other bugs not mentioned above probably should be      ready to deploy at this time as well (9.10 My Account, 9.10 Royalty Page, etc.)

Will have it ready by next Monday.

We are ready to go but I’m assuming we also need to reset Lieutenant Handbook signature? I still have the registration hidden of course until you want to open up. I’ll try to finish the minor signature shortly.

  • 12.18 – REPLY – Yes, we will need to reset LT Handbook as well. Referring to the minor signature, will that be a solution for adults to indemnify their minors online (as opposed to a paper copy)? What of the My account updates and the Royalty page updates mentioned above? Are they in process as well prior to opening membership?

1.5 Reset the Handbook

  • 1.5 – OK. We are saving all 2020 information for archiving purposed as opposed to simply “resetting” forms correct? Also, What of the other related bugs mentioned above? FYI – The minor’s will will still have to be saved from 2020 and then all riders that will not be 18 by the time we roll NEXT year will still need the 2nd indemnification unless online solution is ready for Q&A.

New Registrations need to go to /registration. If a rider goes there and has already paid for this year it will give them a link to go to /my-account. Rollover members need to go to /my-account and click Memberships to update their information and click Indemnities to sign their indemnity.

  • 1.21 – REPLY – Great, so just to be sure ALL member/Lieutenant facing forms or pages have been updated to reflect the new riding year (2022), all 2021 info was backed up & archived. Has this process has been thoroughly tested.

1.25 Yes, I think we are ready.

  • 1.21 – NEW – Can we come up with an option to mark the new 2022 Lieutenant Handbook as signed online. Would basically be changing the date on the previous one and letting the Lts know they need to electronically sign the document. Assistant Lts do NOT need to complete this step.

1.25 I can add that by the end of the week. GREAT!!

  • 1.21 – NEW – I will need to split up a few floats and make a few Assistant Lts their own full fledged Lt. I may also need to create a few more brand new Lts. Is it as simple as giving them new roles in WordPress? Will all other forms be automated that utilized LT/Assistant LT information? (Roster, MailChimp, etc.)

1.25 Yes, it can be done from the Users menu in WordPress but let me know if you need some help updating assignments. For example if you want all the members from one lieutenant to be assigned to a new lieutenant, I can update it in the DB rather than reassigning each one through /members. 

1.25 Just a little more clarification: If you are swapping lieutenants you should probably add permissions for the new lieutenant, move all the members to the new lieutenant in /members and then remove the permissions from the old lieutenant or send me the changes.

  • 1.26 – Would all pertinent Assistant Lt pages (Roster, Mailchimp, etc.) automatically be updated by simply giving the necessary access/permissions whether in WP or in Db? First Lt. that needs to be split is Karen Melancon who is a Current Lt and Del Hamilton (Current Assistant Lt to Karen being made to full Lt.)

1.26 Ran a few more tests including purchasing a membership (then refunding). I think we are good to go on new memberships. So if I understand you correctly the procedure would be:

1. Give Del Hamilton Lieutenant role. Remove Assistant Lieutenant role. Remove Assisting Lieutenant field that is currently pointing to Karen since Del is no longer assistant. 

2. From /members, click each of Karen’s members and change Lieutenant to Del (this is where I could save a few minutes with bulk reassign).

3. Remove Lieutenant role from Karen.

  • 1.27 – Actually this specific situation would be to have Karen and Del both be a full Lt. I am still awaiting the rider listing for the split from both though. (Karen Melancon- Lt./Penny Caballero – Assistant Lt) then (Del Hamilton Lt./Unknown – Assistant Lt.)

1.27 Added Lieutenant role for Del Hamilton

  • 1.28 – REPLY – FYI – I have received Karen’s member split and have assigned the members to Del that were not on said listing. Awaiting confirmation of accuracy from both members and Dels Assistant Lt.

1.28 I see assignments to Del. Good stuff. I added the Lieutenant section to My Account. It can be found here:

  • 2.1 – REPLY – I have confirmed that the Lieutenant section is not working properly for several users (Ashley Robichaux, Ann Robichaux, Jared Hydell, Bryan Lowrie) This list is not 100% complete so please debug for all members on the site to be able to see the Lieutenant section properly. I will say that all of these users mentioned above have been with the krewe for a while. Maybe something to investigate

2.2 These users can see their lieutenants.

  • 2.1 -NEW – I am still seeing that Assistant Lts are seeing the notification to sign the LT Handbook. Just a quick reminder that there is no Assistant Lt handbook and the Assistant Lt should not be receiving this message at all. Please correct for all Assistant Lts.

2.2  Assistants no longer see the Handbook notification.

  • 2.3 – REPLY – What was the issue causing the aforementioned users not being able to see their Lts?

I think I updated the code and introduced an error, but I don’t recall specifically what it was.

  • 2-3 – NEW – When do you plan on creating the section for Lts to be able to sign their Lt Handbook online? (Original Bug listed above from 1.21)

Can you send me the text of the Handbook. I apologize if you already did.

  • 2.3 – NEW – Philip Fricano (captain of KA) should keep all permissions of Admin/Lt/ Officer, etc. but should not be listed as selectable on any Lt specific dropdowns.

Just need to remove Lieutenant from his permissions. Admin can already get to the members page, etc. Before doing so, we should probably reassign the 5 or so people that have him listed as their Lieutenant.

He is my uncle and will stay as the “Lieutenant” of that float. I just don’t want the public to be able to select him as their Lieutenant as only family ride with him. Can he be removed from any public facing dropdown lists?