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Rider SWAP
ID: 3838Status: CompletedVersion: N/AReport Date: February 2, 2021Product: Default Product
AssigneeToni Joslin

  • 2.2 – After we reopen membership for 2022 we will need to come up with a solution for current paid members to “SWAP” their ride to another person who would gain the aforementioned ride after paying $100 plus tax to the Krewe via the Krewe store. Whatever monetary agreement the original rider and the new rider who pays the SWAP Fee has is between them and King Arthur has no assumption of responsibilities to refund the original rider any money. Further, the new rider is then responsible for filling out an application and signing indemnity while the original rider needs to be moved off of all current active listings seen by ADMINS and LTs/Asst Lts. Additionally, we will do our best to offer the new rider their preferred costume size but that is also not fully guaranteed.  Will need functionality to lookup the rider that is not riding as well as signing up the new rider. I am working on some text to include on the SWAP signup page. I am thinking that this link should be sent directly to Lieutenants only instead of a publicly accessible link.


  • 5.12 – NEW – Please add the Swap URL to somewhere that a Lieutenant or Assistant will only have access to. This will help with the streamlining of information.

Added DJ and Swap to Admin menu for Administrators, Lieutenants, Asst Lieutenants.

7.8 – NEW – Can we also add the URL for Swapping somewhere for the ease of Lieutenants and Assistant Lts. ability to send it to members?

It’s added to the Admin drop down menu.