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Multiple Dates - NEW - Member Listing
ID: 4388Status: Ready for DevelopmentVersion: N/AReport Date: April 12, 2021Product: Default Product

  • 4.12 – Sorting by anything on the Member Listing page that returns only 1 line/member makes the reading pane too small to read.

I’m not sure what you mean here. I may not be able to do much on mobile because of the limited space but can you post a screenshot?

5.12 – REPLY – Whatever you may have done has corrected the behavior.

  • 4.12 – NEW – Can you remove the Phone Number field from appearing on the ADMIN Member Listing page. We can access the info by clicking on the members profile and it has become a seldom used column. This will help save space and with formatting on mobile.


4.26 – REPLY – Now that the phone number is removed the list seems to default to alphabetize by Lieutenant. In essence that is a good thing but can I get an option to sort by most recent signups/user activity at the top (the way I think it used to work)? 

  • 4.12 – NEW – Can you add the Totals for Members , Paid and Indemnified at the top of the page as well as at the bottom of the page? That would help me see the info I need to see much easier


4.26 – REPLY – I do see that you have brought the “Paid” and “Indemnity” totals to the top. Can you also bring the full total to the same line at the top and the bottom of MEMBERS page? Once that is completed, please delete the total members/paid members from the white space that is only at the top of the MEMBERS page.

  • 5.12 – NEW – I would like to have the option to see all INACTIVE riders in the krewe. I know we’ve discussed this enhancement before but I want to officially put it here on a bug.

Added the Previous Members tab

7.8 – NEW – I see that you have brought the “Paid” and “Indemnity” totals to the top. Can you also bring the full membership total to the top and the bottom of MEMBERS page? This will help in the future because the total members will not always match the total that are indemnified.

7.8 – NEW – On the previous members tab, can I get an option to edit entries and maybe delete old ones? This will help when previous members want to change float lieutenants but haven’t signed up yet.

7.8 – NEW – The Members listing seems to alphabetize by Lieutenant. In essence that seems to be a good thing but I can always sort manually by Lt. if needed. Can we get the Member Listing to sort as default to most recent signup/indemnification?

10.11 – NEW – On the Members Listing all the way to the right where we can pull orders by member, can we add a column to show whether the item was fulfilled or not? It currently only shows the item purchased and no additional info to show if item has been fulfilled.