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11.8 - Updated - Multiple Dates - KA Store
ID: 4509Status: Ready for DevelopmentVersion: N/AReport Date: May 17, 2021Product: Default Product

  • 5.17 – NEW – I would like you to look at adding an item with multiple variations on the KA Store. Item in question is T-Shirts. I think I have them setup on Square accurately (worth confirming that as well) but I cannot figure out how to link it accurately on WordPress to sell.

Imported the items with a different SKU from Square. Can you check if we have the right stuff displaying in the /shop. The variations for t-shirt sizes are showing in Shirt – Adult Blue.

5.27 – REPLY – I have made everything I don’t want DRAFTS or deleted them from WP. And great news on the shirts. I think they are displaying for Adult Blue, Youth Blue and Adult Grey!!

  • 5.17 – NEW – Is there a way to display more than 12 items per page on the KA Store? I’ve had a few people reach out that they did not see the cups but they are actually on the 2nd page of the store. Only other thought would be to highlight that there is more than 1 page to the store.

I’ve increased the limit for the shop page to 36 items per page

  • 5.17 – NEW – Our next King Arthur distribution date is scheduled for 6.12. Is there a way to sort and export all emails into Mailchimp to inform the people that actually ordered items to pick up on this date? I have been using the plugin but it is somewhat cumbersome when dealing with mass amount of orders. Open to thoughts.

Ideally, you would email from the /product-orders page. Let me know if it’s not working as it should.

5.27 – REPLY – The email function seems to be working as advertised but it is somewhat cumbersome with the “filter by” product and the “select all/deselect” functionality. I would love it if when selecting the product to filter by that it could automatically remove the emails if they were previously selected to send an email to.  It currently keeps all emails if “select all” was clicked even though the list view displays the new filter terms. Reason being if we are only distributing certain items on certain days we only want to target certain individuals.

Also not a knock as I use the baked in email functionality but we we have much more flexibility with formatting/tracking on MailChimp than we have with the website portal.

I think the request is to have an Add Selected to Mailchimp Group button for the Product Orders Page. Is that correct? In the meantime, this can also be done by using the CSV export in the Product Orders page. You can create a group in Mailchimp and import the CSV of emails into that group through the Mailchimp Import Contacts button. 

6.4 – REPLY – The above request is correct. Further, when trying your workaround,  downloading the .csv from the Product Orders Page does not currently have the email in the extract. Please advise…..

Sorry about that. Added the Emails to the Download CSV.

7.8 – NEW – Michael Knight (Officer) would like to segment the Krewe store so that there are groups of items as opposed to one alphabetized listing. First Groupings that I can think of are Apparel, Grails, Miscellaneous, Packages, Safety, and Throws.


7.8 – NEW – Michael Knight (Officer) would like to add the option to decide on if certain items can be delivered for a fee that would be added by the member during purchase. This is not something that I want implemented for this year but worth exploring for next year.

11.8 – Created an Add Selected to Mailchimp Group button on the Product Orders page. It creates a new group in Mailchimp and adds the selected users so you could create the group and then switch to Mailchimp to send an email to that group. The name of the group (date it was created) is output to the Product Orders page so you can find it in Mailchimp.