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Membership Shutdown June 1st
ID: 4507Status: CompletedVersion: N/AReport Date: May 17, 2021Product: Default Product

  • 5.17 – NEW – Wanted you to be aware that all application signups will need to be shut down on or a bit past June 1st 2021. In preparation for this timeline ,we need to keep Swaps active but any other public backdoors need to be blocked from Signing Up. My hope is that I will have a direct link that I can distribute in the case of a situation where a rider needs to signup past the June 1st deadline.

We can password protect the Registration page. It’s a setting: /wp-admin >> Pages >> Registration. Visibility setting on the right under Publish. You can supply the password if someone still needs to register.

– 5.27 – REPLY – Password can be “Lancelot“.  DJ signup, Friends and Family, Finish Registration and any other backdoors or memberships in carts will need to be shutdown at this time as well. SWAPS can be kept active.

It is password protected with Lancelot as the password