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6.12 - NEW - Early Bird: Returning Members Only
ID: 8264Status: Ready for DevelopmentVersion: N/AReport Date: June 12, 2022Product: Default Product

Next Early Bird we want to only allow members that ride with us in 2022 (and possibly 2021) the opportunity to signup and renew during a specific window.

If we still had room after, we would open up membership to others and new members.

This seems like something that may take some time as it may require adding groupings to the membership roles Ex. 2021 rider, 2022 rider, Lt, Asst Lt, Officer, Minor, Royalty, Swap, DJ, etc., etc. Larger Groupings that would be for everyone on the website would be Active and Not Active.

Please advise with thoughts and what I can help with now to assist in this endeavor.

Needs to be ready for February 2023.