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Minor Indemnity
ID: 3655Status: CompletedVersion: 1.2Report Date: September 24, 2020Product: Default Product
AssigneeChristina Brown

  • I have sent the minor indemnity form to Lts and have started to get them back as signed. Thing is I cannot mark them as completed in order to remove them from the listing on the Admin Dashboard. Can you add an additional y/n to the minors profiles so they can be removed as them come back?
  • 10.5.20 –  I have been informed that we have more minors in the parade than you have listed on the Dashboard page. Examples are, Marleigh Pate, Brendan OKeefe, Keiran Okeffe & Conor Moore. All of these individuals have a birthday in 2007 or 2008 so not sure how they could have been missed from the first pull. Can we do another pull and 100% confirm all minors are listed out on the Dashboard page please?

You are right. There was an error in the birthday comparison. It’s corrected and minors are removed from the list if they are completed.

  • NEW – 10.12 – Can we implement a Birthday check verification to use for minors to get the minor indemnification form emailed to an ADULT member along with their Lieutenant simultaneously? Almost like another pending step to the membership process that the minor’s ADULT and Lieutenant can see with ease.

1.5 Indemnification process set up to prompt for signature if parent is signing up or to email if kid or someone else is signing up. Testing today to make sure it’s working correctly.

  • 1.5 – Perfect! Please remember to copy the Lt. as well as member on emails.

This is set up. If the parent/guardian is signing up their minor they can immediately sign their indemnity and their minor’s indemnity. If the minor is signing up or they specify that they are not the parent/guardian, they supply an email address for the parent who is emailed and parent is added to group in mailchimp.

  • 1.13 – REPLY – Will this same process will be used for the rollover of 2020 to 2021 dues as well as brand new riders who are signing up for the first time in 2021?

Rollover members can see the memberships they paid for on the /my-account/memberships page. If they paid for a minor they can add their email in the parent/guardian email field and then sign the indemnity on the my-account/indemnities page

  • 2.3 – NEW – Need a reset or updated list of minors on the Admin Homepage which I assume controls the notifications that the Lts and Assistant Lts see.