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Multiple Dates - NEW - Miscellaneous
ID: 3639Status: Ready for DevelopmentVersion: N/AReport Date: September 17, 2020Product: Default Product
AssigneeMichael Edwards

  • 3.5 – NEW – Sometime in the last week the notification to go back to “log in as myself” has disappeared from the top of the page. It was a great tool when I was testing and I’d like to get it back as it saved a ton of time.
  • 3.5 – NEW – Maybe we can add a message at the top of the page for ADMINS ONLY to know who we are logged in as while testing.
  • 4.12- NEW – It has been brought to my attention that when clicking the Privacy Policy link that the member encounters an error and is brought to a store page that I haven’t seen before. Definitely will need addressing.

I removed the link to the privacy policy until we have a page for it. There’s a draft of a page but it needs content.

  • 4.12 – NEW – King Arthur Vice President, John Wambsgans has brought the issue of him having to login multiple times back up. A few months ago, you had mentioned that you would look into the issue. I can ask him to describe his situation in an email again if necessary.

I can’t find any reason for John’s issue with logging in. I’ll follow up with him. 

  • 7.22 – NEW – Can we add a dropdown on the first page that is showing a countdown to parade day?