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Multiple Dates - REPLY & NEW - Signup Process
ID: 3674Status: Ready for DevelopmentVersion: N/AReport Date: October 8, 2020Product: Default Product Resolution Date: November 16, 2020Resolution Version:
AssigneeLily Dalon

  • – 10.8 – NEW – When Renewing or signing up, can we implement an email verification to be sure members are using valid email address’ now and into the future?

On staging: I’ve set it up to send an email to verify with Mailchimp prior to being able to fill out the registration form. If you confirm the email, you are subscribed to Mailchimp and able to get to the form on /registration. See if the process works for you. You can use an email like: and it will typically still get delivered to your email.

REPLY – 10.27 – I did use the staging link to create another account and I received the email from King Arthur but I did not get a verification email delivered to me from MailChimp. Is the email from King Arthur the only one I am to expect to receive? I’ve checked my junk as well. Thoughts?? I did get to the registration screen on the King Arthur site. Speaking of the King Arthur registration site, can you put the “CHECK YOUR EMAIL TO VERIFY WITH MAILCHIMP BEFORE REGISTERING” at the top of the page as opposed to at the bottom for max visibility.

  • 2.23 – NEW – Please add the ability for ADMIN, Lieutenants and Assistant Lieutenants see who signed up a friends and family application. This way we can link apps together that were created by 1 individual in case they do not fill out any notes nor select a Lieutenant for the additional apps.