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Float Lieutenant Guide

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  1. Purpose 03

  2. Krewe Organization 03

  3. Qualifications 04

  4. Roles and Responsibilities 04

    1. Recruiting

    2. Membership Applications / Renewals / Payments

    3. Member Communications

    4. Meeting Attendance

    5. Online Store / Merchandise Pickups

    6. Encourage Ball Attendance

    7. Float-Related Information / Parade Day Activities

    8. Member Disputes / Rules Violations and Injury Claims

  5. Contracts / Committees 09

  6. Parade and Krewe Rules / Float Safety 10

  7. Grails 11

  8. Inclusion / Anti-Bullying & Social Media 12

  9. Agreement 13

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this guide is to document the responsibilities and duties of a Krewe of King

    Arthur Float Lieutenant.

  2. Krewe Organization

    The Krewe of King Arthur organizational structure is as follows.

    Captain – Functions as the CEO of the krewe and oversees all krewe business.

    Officer – Appointed by and reports to the captain. Officers are assigned to manage day to day krewe functions.

    Lieutenant – The Krewe recognizes one (1) per float and title bestowed annually. Lieutenants are responsible for all float level management.

    Assistant – Assistants function as Lieutenant only when the Lieutenant is not available. There may be one (1) assistant per float segment of the same float and are appointed by the Lieutenant.

    Sergeant – A sergeant assists with parade day activities and are appointed by the Lieutenant. There may be several per float. It is recommended that a sergeant be added for each segment of the float to hold police/ fire signs and enforce krewe and city regulations.

  3. Qualifications

    In order to earn the title of Float Lieutenant for a specific year, the following qualifications

    must be met.

    1. Must have been, at minimum, a Float Assistant of King Arthur the prior year.

    2. Required to enroll the minimum number of members prior to membership closing (historically end of April/May).

    3. Must maintain access to email for krewe communications. If you do not have a personal email address, the krewe can establish an email address for your use for krewe business.

    4. Any Float Lieutenant who steps down, for any reason, for more than two years, must begin the qualification process to regain Lieutenant status.

      Note: The minimum number of members for Lieutenant status for the 2022 parade is 32* and or 80% capacity of their assigned float(s)

      *This number is subject to review annually and corresponds to the minimum number of members on a

      small sized float.

  4. Roles and Responsibilities

    1. Recruiting

      The primary responsibility of a Lieutenant is to recruit / enlist members to join the krewe. City ordinances and krewe policy regulates the methods of recruiting:


      • Encouraging the renewal of current and former krewe members or recruiting new members.

      • Using social media invites as long as they are restricted to your friends/family (private)

      • Recruiting through social engagements (socials, parties).

        Not Permitted

      • Using paid or sponsored social media advertisements targeted at groups outside of your network are not allowed (public).

      • Using newspaper / classified ads (public).

      • Recruiting by using flyers or posters.

      • Pilfering membership of other Mardi Gras organizations

        Prior to starting any other types of recruiting, please discuss with a krewe officer.

    2. Membership Applications / Renewals / Payments

      Each member riding on your float must complete a membership application / renewal and pay their dues annually. Float Lieutenants are responsible for ensuring compliance.

      This includes:

    3. Member Communications

      While the krewe regularly sends out general krewe information and announcements through the website, Float Lieutenants are still responsible for float-specific member communications.

      This includes:

    4. Meeting Attendance

      Lieutenants are strongly encouraged to attend all scheduled krewe meetings and krewe events and functions. If you are unable to attend, we ask that you arrange for a representative to attend the meeting in your place.

      For Lieutenant meetings or events, we ask that only the Lieutenant attend. If the Lieutenant is unable to attend the Lieutenant meeting, the Lieutenant should arrange for the Assistant or one Sergeant to attend in their place. In some cases, we will extend an invite to Assistants and Sergeants or a guest for social activities.

      Tentative schedule of meetings (subject to change) March

      April May June

      Second Tuesday – Lieutenant Meeting

      Second Tuesday – General Membership Meeting Second Tuesday – Lieutenant Meeting

      Second Tuesday – General Membership Meeting

      July / August / September

      No scheduled meetings


      Second Tuesday – Lieutenant Meeting


      Second Tuesday – General Membership Meeting


      Second Tuesday – Lieutenant Meeting


      Second Tuesday – General Membership Meeting


      Second Tuesday – General Membership Meeting

      NOTE: Additional meetings may be scheduled for costume and throw distribution or any urgent


    5. Online Store / Merchandise Pickups

      Krewe merchandise and event tickets are sold through the King Arthur website. General announcements about the online store are made at meetings and krewe e-mails. Information about your members merchandise and ticket orders are available on the website under the Lieutenant home page.

      Lieutenant responsibilities include:

      • Familiarizing yourself with the online store and being able to answer general questions about product availability and pricing.

      • Picking up merchandise orders or requesting that members pickup their own orders. The krewe is not capable of shipping orders to members. (Krewe Throw Packages sold through the website are the exception, these are delivered on loading day to the float)

      • Informing members of merchandise pickup days. These pickup days are usually timed closer to the parade date and the arrival of merchandise.

      • Ensuring that members orders are complete and undamaged when picked up from the krewe and, if picked up by someone other than the member, that all ordered merchandise is given to the member.

      • Encouraging members to purchase merchandise via the online store. The krewe will provide advanced notice of the online store closing. This allows the krewe to fulfill orders and prepare for the parade.

    6. Encourage Ball Attendance

      The King Arthur Ball is an integral part of being in the krewe. It is the official presentation of our royalty and court to the Mardi Gras community. The ball is also a great way of promoting the krewe to prospective members.

      Lieutenant responsibilities include:

      • Attending and participating in the ball, including sponsoring tables.

      • Encouraging members to attend/ participate and purchase tickets.

      • Sharing details with your members about the sale of tickets and any deadlines.

      • Referring any members interested in royalty or court positions to the krewe leadership.

      • If purchasing one or more tables, consulting with the Ball Committee regarding table decorations.

      NOTE: If you are planning to purchase one or more tables for your float, please inform the krewe. If you do not purchase a full table, your members will be placed at open tables and may not be grouped together.

    7. Float – Related Information / Parade Day Activities

      The float Lieutenant is the primary contact for your members for any parade or specific float information. We count on Lieutenants to ensure that all members have a safe and enjoyable ride and that all city and krewe rules are adhered to.

      Lieutenant responsibilities include:

      • Familiarizing yourself with your float via diagram. The krewe will provide a diagram for your assigned float including recommendations for positioning and float capacity.

      • Inspecting your assigned float is REQUIRED. To arrange, please contact any krewe officer. This should be done at least 2-3 weeks prior to the parade.

      • Assigning float sergeants. Each float should have a minimum of 1 sergeant per side and per level (with the exception of the level and side of the riding Lieutenant). The duty of the sergeant is to relay any parade day issues on their designated side or level to the Lieutenant.

      • Briefing your members of float safety, parade rules, and krewe rules.

        NOTE: While each Lieutenant may be assigned to an individual float, the krewe reserves the right to tandem multiple floats together. This means that each connected float would have its own Lieutenant who would be responsible for that particular floats layout and management.

    8. Member Disputes / Rules Violations and Injury Claims

      The Krewe has had situations where there were disputes between members or between members

      and the krewe.

      Lieutenant responsibilities include:

      • Acting as mediator for any float related disputes / issues. If you are unable to resolve the issue, we ask that all parties involved should seek a krewe officer to resolve.

      • If you observe violations of krewe rules or city laws on other floats, please bring these to the attention of that float Lieutenant or an officer immediately.

      • Documenting any injury claims and gathering information for the krewe leadership.

      • Reporting any city or krewe rule violations to a krewe officer.

      • Reporting any safety issues with floats to a krewe officer.

      • As a last resort, the Grievance Committee will investigate unresolved issues.

      NOTE: The decisions of the Grievance Committee are final and become part of the krewe’s permanent record.

  5. Contacts / Committees

    Feel free to contact any of the officers with your suggestions or feedback. For any items that require additional discussion, the officers may decide to bring the item to the attention of the Captain.


    All officers of the krewe are volunteers and happily give their time to make the krewe the best in all of Mardi Gras. In addition, the officers are also charged with helping our float

    Lieutenants. If you have any issue that can not be resolved with the help of a krewe officer, the issue will be brought to the attention of the krewe captain.

    Vera Vedros – (504) 347-7010 –

    Anne Brown – (504) 481-1319 –

    John Wambsgans – (504) 717-5000 – Joshua Bitoun – (504) 220-1670 – Michael Knight – (504) 251-4286 – Jason Tullos – (504) 432-5318 – Jacob Bitoun – (225) 202-7632 –

    Chris Leonard – (985) 232-2775 –

    Committees and Krewe Support

    Ball / Royalty – Jason Tullos

    Throws / Promotions – Michael Knight Marching Groups – Michael Knight Grievance – John Wambsgans Logistics – John Wambsgans

    Website / PR / Finance – Josh Bitoun

    Float Safety / Security / Assistance – Anne Brown Officer Lieutenant Liaison – Jason Tullos Historian / Philanthropy – Chris Leonard Camelot Nation / Social Media – Jacob Bitoun

  6. Parade and Krewe Rules / Float Safety

  1. The minimum age of persons participating as a krewe member must be 18 years of age. A parent or guardian can have anyone who is 12 years or older ride with him/her, provided that a minor release form is signed and the minor rides next to the sponsored member.

  2. The above minimum age does not apply to pages, maids, attendants, grand marshals, or special guest celebrities.

  3. No member of King Arthur shall ride as a masker in public view on a float or mini float unless he is constantly costumed and masked so as to disguise his facial features. This provision shall not apply, however, to royalty or special guest celebrities to the krewe.

  4. Maskers on floats, automobiles, horseback, or on any other vehicle in the parade shall be decently attired and no sexually explicit or indecent dress or characterization shall

    be allowed. In addition to the penalties set out for violating this provision set by the City of New Orleans, this person shall be subject to immediate arrest and the float, vehicle, or horse upon which the individual is riding may be seized and impounded by the police after the Captain or the organization has been informed of the intended action.

  5. Smoking / Vaping is prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke or vape while participating in a carnival parade. A No Smoking sign shall be securely attached

    and plainly visible to all occupants of a float, mini float, or tandem float. It is the responsibility of the float Lieutenant, Assistants or Sergeants to enforce this law.

  6. No animals or pets are allowed on the floats or within 200 yards of a Mardi Gras parade route within two (2) hours of parade time and one hour after the parade has rolled.

  7. All riders must supply a harness and a rope that attaches to the float. The fire department has the right to refuse participation from riding in the parade without proper harnesses. Each individual float or mini float rider shall wear a safety belt or harness which, in turn

    shall be attached to a safety belt eyebolt or its equivalent. It should have enough strength

    to support each individual’s weight and must be securely fastened to the body or framework.

  8. Riders and maskers are prohibited from tossing throws or favors to the rear and front of their floats and in the parade formation and disbanding area.

  9. Krewe item logos from other parades are strictly prohibited.

  10. No Mardi gras parade participant shall possess or have in his custody any of the following:

    1. Any life-threatening objects or safety threatening objects, including but not limited to “bomb bags”.

    2. Any noxious substance or any liquid intended to be poured, tossed, handed out or

      otherwise distributed.

    3. Any throw containing sharp points, including but not limited to plastic spears, paper or silk flowers with wire stems.

    4. Any insect, marine life, rodent, fowl, or other animal, dead or alive.

    5. Any silly string or other such items which when used emits an adhesive string like or adhesive steamer like substance that is shot or expelled from a pressurized container.

    6. No Mardi Gras masker shall throw any doubloon trinket or other throw which would be redeemable for or entire the bearer to a prize or a discount on the price of any food, beverage, merchandise, services, or admission to any event or which display, conveys, or communicates and commercial, political, or religious message.

    7. No Mardi Gras parade participant while participating in a parade on the parade route shall hand out, throw, toss, in any way discard boxes, including but not limited to corrugated boxes.

    8. No Mardi Gras masker, while participating in a parade, shall hand out, or distribute in any way, any condom or prophylactic or any sexually oriented device. Sexually oriented devices shall include, but not limited to, any paraphernalia that is designed in whole or part for specified sexual activity as defined in the comprehensive New Orleans Zoning Ordinance.

    9. Any masker who violates this section shall be subject to immediate removal

from the parade in addition to the penalties set out in the New Orleans laws.

  1. Grails

    The signature throw for King Arthur is the grail. While we encourage members to be creative with the decorating of their grails, there are some guidelines that need to be adhered to based on city ordinance and krewe policy.

    1. Blank grails purchased from outside vendors are not allowed. All grails must be purchased through the krewe store.

    2. All grails should include the #gotagrail Facebook information

    3. Decorated grails should be family friendly. Grails that depict anything of a commercial nature or anything demonstrating a message of hate is not allowed.

    4. All grails must be decorated. Please do not throw blank grails.

    5. Each krewe member can throw up to 24 grails on parade day. You may decorate additional grails to pass out prior to/ after the parade.

  2. Inclusion / Anti-Bullying & Social Media

    King Arthur is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion among our members. The aim is for our krewe to be truly representative of all sections of society and for each member to feel respected and equal.

    King Arthur prohibits discrimination against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national or cultural origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, health status, political affiliation, or occupation. King Arthur is committed to maintaining a community that recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person; fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect among its members; and encourages each individual to strive to reach his or her own potential

    King Arthur as a whole will not make any type of public statements nor engage in any public acts that are directed negatively towards any other Mardi Gras organization. The krewe encourages all members to resist the urge to make any statements through any of the various social media platforms that has a likelihood of becoming public and shedding a negative light on the Krewe of King Arthur.

    King Arthur has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and harassment. Bullying and harassment may be in the form of verbal, physical, gesture, exclusion, or social media. Anyone found guilty of bullying or harassing anyone, for any reason, may be removed from the krewe.

  3. Agreement

By signing this agreement, I agree to the following:

  • I have received a copy of the Float Lieutenant Guide.

  • I have read and fully understand the content, requirements, and expectations of the Float

    Lieutenants for the Krewe of King Arthur.

  • I agree to abide by the guidelines as a condition of my role as Lieutenant.

  • I agree to keep my Assistant(s), Sergeant(s), and riders fully informed throughout the year and on parade day.

  • I understand that if I have questions, at any time, regarding my role, I will immediately consult with an officer of the krewe.

  • I understand that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in losing, lieutenant status and possible removal from the krewe with no expectation of monetary refund.