History of the Krewe of King Arthur

Westbank Roots

The idea of starting the Krewe of King Arthur began as early as 1971 in a classroom at Marrero Middle School. Good friends, Philip Fricano, Jr. and Carl Scivicque, Jr. (at the time both were 13 years old)  tossed the idea back and forth about a starting a new Westbank Mardi Gras krewe. The talks continued for 6 years.

The Mardi Gras season after graduation in 1977,  Carl and Philip met by accident at the Krewe of Pegasus’s parade and within two months, the club was incorporated.

On April 12, 1977 the Krewe of King Arthur became a reality when Philip chartered the Krewe of King Arthur in Baton Rouge. Over the next few months, the two friends met with float builders and costume makers.

Float Builder Blaine Kern told Fricano that he would never be able to make this new Krewe work and instead encouraged them to join The Krewe of Alla.  Fricano credits Kern for  giving him the “inner fire” and the “spirit” to make his dream a reality.

Making It Happen!

Across the street from Blaine Kern’s den was the Krewe of Choctaw’s den where Carl and Philip met the float builder for Choctaw. He encouraged the two friends to continue with our plans and he introduced Fricano and Scivicque to the Captain of Choctaw.  The Captain of Choctaw offered King Arthur the deal of a lifetime. He told the two that they could use as many of Choctaw’s floats as they wanted and pay the krewe when they could. The next step was to acquire a permit.

In 1977, The Krewe of King Arthur’s first permit was issued from the City of Westwego to roll on the 2nd Saturday of Mardi Gras.

Crossing the River!  The New Orleans move

In 2001,  The Krewe made history by moving from the Westbank home to the New Orleans Uptown parade route to parade on the first Sunday of Mardi Gras.   Since the move,  the Krewe of King Arthur and associated float building operation has grown and prospered.

The Future is Bright!

In 2019,  The Krewe made history with a record 1600 Krewemembers making it the largest Mardi Gras parading krewe on the first weekend of Mardi Gras and tied for the 6th largest Krewe in the City of New Orleans!

In 2017- 2018,  We launched our Camelot Nation philanthropic mission to the for volunteering and assisting in various local charities and causes.

2017,  King Arthur introduced our signature hand-decorated throw – The King Arthur Grail.  We also introduced the Grail of Grails.  This grail is one of a kind and created by local artists.  It is handed out to one lucky parade goer each year!

In 2020,  The krewe, with over 1750 members, became the 6th largest krewe and 2nd largest co-ed krewe