The King Arthur Grail!

A Selection of Hand Decorated Grails


In late 2016,  Kelly Trainor and Stephanie Canepa, members of the Title Float, started looking for a signature throw for the Krewe.  This “signature” throw needed to not only be able to fit our krewe’s lore but also able to be decorated. 

After much discussion (over several glasses of wine),  they came up with a goblet that later became the King Arthur Grail.

In 2017’s parade,  only the title float had these little “works of art” but now Grails are being decorated and handed out by the entire Krewe.  Grails from 2017 are very collectable.  Each Krewe Member is only allowed to bring a limited number onto the float to be handed out during the parade!  If you are lucky enough,  you might be able to get one!  Another unique aspect of the King Arthur Grail is that every member starts with the exact same basic grail so they are all the same dimensions but at the end, each one is unique. 

We have also posted a page on facebook where we asked those lucky folks to post a picture of themselves and their grail on or use the Facebook tag @gotagrail