The Grail!

The Grail!

Handmade grails

One of the earliest documented accounts of what people traditionally know as “The Holy Grail” was born out of Arthurian legend. As the legend has it, Knight Perceval was the first to witness an elaborately decorated cup, dish or stone located in the hidden Grail Castle which was used to sustain the life of the Fisher King’s wounded father. Hence the naming of the object became known as simply a Grail. Now, the search for Grails symbolizes the search for everlasting life and love and exemplifies the passion and creativity found within the members of the Krewe of King Arthur!

New Orleanians pride themselves on creating signature one-of-a-kind throws to give to parade spectators. The Krewe of King Arthur began conceiving the idea of Grails in late 2016 after much discussion and several glasses of wine, krewe members, Kelly Trainor and Stephanie Canepa, conceived this unique signature hand-decorated throw. In 2017, hand-decorated one-of-a-kind Grails were only available from the Title float in the Krewe of King Arthur’s parade, which makes these little works of art extremely collectable. Now each member of the krewe can decorate and distribute 24 of their own Grails to impart their personal creativity and for their love of Carnival to shine through! Each member starts with the exact same blank Grail canvas for it to be considered a Grail, but in the end no two Grails are alike!

We have also created a page on Facebook called Krewe of King Arthur’s Grail Tracker. This page is where you can see pictures of those lucky folks and their Grails as long as they mention @kreweofkingarthursgrailtracker and use the Facebook tag #gotagrail on

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