4.26 & 5.12 – REPLY & NEW – Member Listing

  • 4.12 – Sorting by anything on the Member Listing page that returns only 1 line/member makes the reading pane too small to read.

I’m not sure what you mean here. I may not be able to do much on mobile because of the limited space but can you post a screenshot?

5.12 – REPLY – Whatever you may have done has corrected the behavior.

  • 4.12 – NEW – Can you remove the Phone Number field from appearing on the ADMIN Member Listing page. We can access the info by clicking on the members profile and it has become a seldom used column. This will help save space and with formatting on mobile.


4.26 – REPLY – Now that the phone number is removed the list seems to default to alphabetize by Lieutenant. In essence that is a good thing but can I get an option to sort by most recent signups/user activity at the top (the way I think it used to work)? 

  • 4.12 – NEW – Can you add the Totals for Members , Paid and Indemnified at the top of the page as well as at the bottom of the page? That would help me see the info I need to see much easier


4.26 – REPLY – I do see that you have brought the “Paid” and “Indemnity” totals to the top. Can you also bring the full total to the same line at the top and the bottom of MEMBERS page? Once that is completed, please delete the total members/paid members from the white space that is only at the top of the MEMBERS page.

  • 5.12 – NEW – I would like to have the option to see all INACTIVE riders in the krewe. I know we’ve discussed this enhancement before but I want to officially put it here on a bug.

3.10 – NEW – Events Page

  • 3.10 – NEW – Trying to use the events page on the website and the “event time” feature seems to be off by 5 hours or more. When creating an event I am selecting central time as well. You can see that this was likely an issue when Kevin was still creating events by looking at the past events. Meeting he created was scheduled to start at 1:30 AM but is listed at 7:30PM. Please see if you can pinpoint the inaccuracy as I’d like to start using the feature more going forward.

3.2 – NEW – Ball Page

  • 3.2 – NEW – Need a mini page or tab for all things related to the 2022 Krewe of King Arthur Ball. This page will be used for and all Balls in the future. We will be selling tickets to attend and the page can incorporate an FAQ as well as descriptions concerning the ball. Needs to be completed by June/July to launch in August (with the Royalty page.) This will likely tie into the need for grouping members. Some of the Groups that I foresee are Officer, Lieutenant, Assistant Lieutenant, DJ, Swap, Royal, Non Riding, etc.

5.12 – NEW – Rider SWAP

  • 2.2 – After we reopen membership for 2022 we will need to come up with a solution for current paid members to “SWAP” their ride to another person who would gain the aforementioned ride after paying $100 plus tax to the Krewe via the Krewe store. Whatever monetary agreement the original rider and the new rider who pays the SWAP Fee has is between them and King Arthur has no assumption of responsibilities to refund the original rider any money. Further, the new rider is then responsible for filling out an application and signing indemnity while the original rider needs to be moved off of all current active listings seen by ADMINS and LTs/Asst Lts. Additionally, we will do our best to offer the new rider their preferred costume size but that is also not fully guaranteed.  Will need functionality to lookup the rider that is not riding as well as signing up the new rider. I am working on some text to include on the SWAP signup page. I am thinking that this link should be sent directly to Lieutenants only instead of a publicly accessible link.


  • 5.12 – NEW – Please add the Swap URL to somewhere that a Lieutenant or Assistant will only have access to. This will help with the streamlining of information.

Multiple Dates – NEW – Miscellaneous

  • 3.5 – NEW – Sometime in the last week the notification to go back to “log in as myself” has disappeared from the top of the page. It was a great tool when I was testing and I’d like to get it back as it saved a ton of time.
  • 3.5 – NEW – Maybe we can add a message at the top of the page for ADMINS ONLY to know who we are logged in as while testing.
  • 4.12- NEW – It has been brought to my attention that when clicking the Privacy Policy link that the member encounters an error and is brought to a store page that I haven’t seen before. Definitely will need addressing.
  • 4.12 – NEW – King Arthur Vice President, John Wambsgans has brought the issue of him having to login multiple times back up. A few months ago, you had mentioned that you would look into the issue. I can ask him to describe his situation in an email again if necessary.