Early Bird: Returning Members Only

Next Early Bird we want to only allow members that ride with us in 2022 (and possibly 2021) the opportunity to signup and renew during a specific window.

If we still had room after, we would open up membership to others and new members.

This seems like something that may take some time as it may require adding groupings to the membership roles Ex. 2021 rider, 2022 rider, Lt, Asst Lt, Officer, Minor, Royalty, Swap, DJ, etc., etc. Larger Groupings that would be for everyone on the website would be Active and Not Active.

Please advise with thoughts and what I can help with now to assist in this endeavor.

Needs to be ready for February 2023.

Membership Shutdown June 1st

  • 5.17 – NEW – Wanted you to be aware that all application signups will need to be shut down on or a bit past June 1st 2021. In preparation for this timeline ,we need to keep Swaps active but any other public backdoors need to be blocked from Signing Up. My hope is that I will have a direct link that I can distribute in the case of a situation where a rider needs to signup past the June 1st deadline.

We can password protect the Registration page. It’s a setting: /wp-admin >> Pages >> Registration. Visibility setting on the right under Publish. You can supply the password if someone still needs to register.

– 5.27 – REPLY – Password can be “Lancelot“.  DJ signup, Friends and Family, Finish Registration and any other backdoors or memberships in carts will need to be shutdown at this time as well. SWAPS can be kept active.

It is password protected with Lancelot as the password

Events Page

  • 3.10 – NEW – Trying to use the events page on the website and the “event time” feature seems to be off by 5 hours or more. When creating an event I am selecting central time as well. You can see that this was likely an issue when Kevin was still creating events by looking at the past events. Meeting he created was scheduled to start at 1:30 AM but is listed at 7:30PM. Please see if you can pinpoint the inaccuracy as I’d like to start using the feature more going forward.

Sorry I missed this bug. You can set the timezone to UTC and it seems to not adjust the time.  Changed the Merchandise Pickup event as example

5.27 – That’s crazy that using the actual time zone is not reflective of the correct time. Anyway thanks!

DJ Signup

  • 2.12 – We also need to add a DJ signup option for Lieutenants or Assistant Lieutenants only to sign up riders on their floats that they are paying to play music during the route. These members will get a costume but are not to throw beads or use any sort of Microphone. The cost for this DJ application for this year is $250. (Will be $425 starting next year) Just wanted to be sure it was on the forward plan. Also these spots will be limited to 1 for all but the largest Float Lieutenants at this time. The top 3 Float Lieutenants will have the option of signing up 2 DJ’s. I am working on some text to include on the DJ signup page. Would like this link to be visible only to Lieutenants and Assistant Lieutenants and be limited as stated above.


  • 4.12 – NEW – I would like to see if the DJ’s have accepted indemnification by including a checkmark for them on the Admin Homepage.

Added the indemnity to /dashboard

  • 5.12 – NEW – Please add the DJ Signup URL somewhere online that will be visible only to Lieutenant and Assistant Lieutenant. It would help keep information streamlined.

Ball Page

  • 3.2 – NEW – Need a mini page or tab for all things related to the 2022 Krewe of King Arthur Ball. This page will be used for and all Balls in the future. We will be selling tickets to attend and the page can incorporate an FAQ as well as descriptions concerning the ball. Needs to be completed by June/July to launch in August (with the Royalty page.) This will likely tie into the need for grouping members. Some of the Groups that I foresee are Officer, Lieutenant, Assistant Lieutenant, DJ, Swap, Royal, Non Riding, etc.

Got a basic page here: https://kreweofkingarthur.com/ball but need some direction on content and functionality. Also are there rules for ball tickets or is it a free for all? For example, riders can only buy X number of tickets, Royals get a certain number included with their packages? Can they buy more? Riders can buy tickets for non members or each ticket should be assigned to a rider?

I noticed that you made the Ball ticket item on Woo Commerce live. I made it private so it would not be visible (for now)

Ball tickets will be $135 per (including entertainment, a seated meal and presentation of the Royalty Court). We are not sure if we will be selling via the website or via Eventbrite.

Royalty all has 1 ticket included with their Royalty position but they are all expected to fill at least 1 table (10 seats) in their contract.

Riders can buy as many tickets as they choose for members or non members alike but if we actually sell on the website will need some way to group the tickets by the Float Lieutenant or the Royalty member that is in charge of said tables.

I was trying to show how the ball tickets would appear on the page. Unfortunately it displays nothing if the item is private or draft. Other than description, images and FAQs, what other functionality do we need on this page?

If we sell on the website we would need a dropdown to select the members “Table Captain” which would be any current Officer, Lieutenant or member of Royalty.

Royal Gallery

  • 2.3 – NEW – Maid Meghan Hartwell Bitoun spelling is incorrect. Her middle name is actually Harwell with no “T”. Please update in the picture section or tell me where to update this information.

I updated it. If you see something like that and you are logged in, you can click “Edit Page” in the admin toolbar at the top of the page. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the Edit Page screen it may not be editable. This one is. There’s a gallery on the Edit Page Screen. You can click the pencil icon to edit the Gallery.

Rider SWAP

  • 2.2 – After we reopen membership for 2022 we will need to come up with a solution for current paid members to “SWAP” their ride to another person who would gain the aforementioned ride after paying $100 plus tax to the Krewe via the Krewe store. Whatever monetary agreement the original rider and the new rider who pays the SWAP Fee has is between them and King Arthur has no assumption of responsibilities to refund the original rider any money. Further, the new rider is then responsible for filling out an application and signing indemnity while the original rider needs to be moved off of all current active listings seen by ADMINS and LTs/Asst Lts. Additionally, we will do our best to offer the new rider their preferred costume size but that is also not fully guaranteed.  Will need functionality to lookup the rider that is not riding as well as signing up the new rider. I am working on some text to include on the SWAP signup page. I am thinking that this link should be sent directly to Lieutenants only instead of a publicly accessible link.


  • 5.12 – NEW – Please add the Swap URL to somewhere that a Lieutenant or Assistant will only have access to. This will help with the streamlining of information.

Added DJ and Swap to Admin menu for Administrators, Lieutenants, Asst Lieutenants.

7.8 – NEW – Can we also add the URL for Swapping somewhere for the ease of Lieutenants and Assistant Lts. ability to send it to members?

It’s added to the Admin drop down menu.

Plugin Updates

  • – 9.17   We have several plugin updates & theme updates. Are you planning to update to the current versions?

Martin to run all plugin updates and QA functionality.

  • – 9.17 – NEW – I downloaded Woo Mobile with the intention of using it. It says we need JetPack plugin to do so but it seems like we already have JetPack plugin installed. Have you seen this before? If so what is the fix?

Were you able to get this working now that Jetpack is active?

4.26 – REPLY – I just tried it again and YES it it allowing access.