6.12 – NEW – Early Bird: Returning Members Only

Next Early Bird we want to only allow members that ride with us in 2022 (and possibly 2021) the opportunity to signup and renew during a specific window.

If we still had room after, we would open up membership to others and new members.

This seems like something that may take some time as it may require adding groupings to the membership roles Ex. 2021 rider, 2022 rider, Lt, Asst Lt, Officer, Minor, Royalty, Swap, DJ, etc., etc. Larger Groupings that would be for everyone on the website would be Active and Not Active.

Please advise with thoughts and what I can help with now to assist in this endeavor.

Needs to be ready for February 2023.

8.17 – NEW – Home Page

8.17 – NEW – It would be great to add a countdown timer to parade day which is scheduled for Feb. 20th, 2022.

11.8 – Updated – Multiple Dates – KA Store

  • 5.17 – NEW – I would like you to look at adding an item with multiple variations on the KA Store. Item in question is T-Shirts. I think I have them setup on Square accurately (worth confirming that as well) but I cannot figure out how to link it accurately on WordPress to sell.

Imported the items with a different SKU from Square. Can you check if we have the right stuff displaying in the /shop. The variations for t-shirt sizes are showing in Shirt – Adult Blue.

5.27 – REPLY – I have made everything I don’t want DRAFTS or deleted them from WP. And great news on the shirts. I think they are displaying for Adult Blue, Youth Blue and Adult Grey!!

  • 5.17 – NEW – Is there a way to display more than 12 items per page on the KA Store? I’ve had a few people reach out that they did not see the cups but they are actually on the 2nd page of the store. Only other thought would be to highlight that there is more than 1 page to the store.

I’ve increased the limit for the shop page to 36 items per page

  • 5.17 – NEW – Our next King Arthur distribution date is scheduled for 6.12. Is there a way to sort and export all emails into Mailchimp to inform the people that actually ordered items to pick up on this date? I have been using the plugin but it is somewhat cumbersome when dealing with mass amount of orders. Open to thoughts.

Ideally, you would email from the /product-orders page. Let me know if it’s not working as it should.

5.27 – REPLY – The email function seems to be working as advertised but it is somewhat cumbersome with the “filter by” product and the “select all/deselect” functionality. I would love it if when selecting the product to filter by that it could automatically remove the emails if they were previously selected to send an email to.  It currently keeps all emails if “select all” was clicked even though the list view displays the new filter terms. Reason being if we are only distributing certain items on certain days we only want to target certain individuals.

Also not a knock as I use the baked in email functionality but we we have much more flexibility with formatting/tracking on MailChimp than we have with the website portal.

I think the request is to have an Add Selected to Mailchimp Group button for the Product Orders Page. Is that correct? In the meantime, this can also be done by using the CSV export in the Product Orders page. You can create a group in Mailchimp and import the CSV of emails into that group through the Mailchimp Import Contacts button. 

6.4 – REPLY – The above request is correct. Further, when trying your workaround,  downloading the .csv from the Product Orders Page does not currently have the email in the extract. Please advise…..

Sorry about that. Added the Emails to the Download CSV.

7.8 – NEW – Michael Knight (Officer) would like to segment the Krewe store so that there are groups of items as opposed to one alphabetized listing. First Groupings that I can think of are Apparel, Grails, Miscellaneous, Packages, Safety, and Throws.


7.8 – NEW – Michael Knight (Officer) would like to add the option to decide on if certain items can be delivered for a fee that would be added by the member during purchase. This is not something that I want implemented for this year but worth exploring for next year.

11.8 – Created an Add Selected to Mailchimp Group button on the Product Orders page. It creates a new group in Mailchimp and adds the selected users so you could create the group and then switch to Mailchimp to send an email to that group. The name of the group (date it was created) is output to the Product Orders page so you can find it in Mailchimp.

Multiple Dates – NEW – Member Listing

  • 4.12 – Sorting by anything on the Member Listing page that returns only 1 line/member makes the reading pane too small to read.

I’m not sure what you mean here. I may not be able to do much on mobile because of the limited space but can you post a screenshot?

5.12 – REPLY – Whatever you may have done has corrected the behavior.

  • 4.12 – NEW – Can you remove the Phone Number field from appearing on the ADMIN Member Listing page. We can access the info by clicking on the members profile and it has become a seldom used column. This will help save space and with formatting on mobile.


4.26 – REPLY – Now that the phone number is removed the list seems to default to alphabetize by Lieutenant. In essence that is a good thing but can I get an option to sort by most recent signups/user activity at the top (the way I think it used to work)? 

  • 4.12 – NEW – Can you add the Totals for Members , Paid and Indemnified at the top of the page as well as at the bottom of the page? That would help me see the info I need to see much easier


4.26 – REPLY – I do see that you have brought the “Paid” and “Indemnity” totals to the top. Can you also bring the full total to the same line at the top and the bottom of MEMBERS page? Once that is completed, please delete the total members/paid members from the white space that is only at the top of the MEMBERS page.

  • 5.12 – NEW – I would like to have the option to see all INACTIVE riders in the krewe. I know we’ve discussed this enhancement before but I want to officially put it here on a bug.

Added the Previous Members tab

7.8 – NEW – I see that you have brought the “Paid” and “Indemnity” totals to the top. Can you also bring the full membership total to the top and the bottom of MEMBERS page? This will help in the future because the total members will not always match the total that are indemnified.

7.8 – NEW – On the previous members tab, can I get an option to edit entries and maybe delete old ones? This will help when previous members want to change float lieutenants but haven’t signed up yet.

7.8 – NEW – The Members listing seems to alphabetize by Lieutenant. In essence that seems to be a good thing but I can always sort manually by Lt. if needed. Can we get the Member Listing to sort as default to most recent signup/indemnification?

10.11 – NEW – On the Members Listing all the way to the right where we can pull orders by member, can we add a column to show whether the item was fulfilled or not? It currently only shows the item purchased and no additional info to show if item has been fulfilled.

4.26 – NEW – Member Issues

  • NEW – 10.14 – Lieutenant Glen Miller, just informed me that one of his paid riders Michele Davis (tentaclesinyourface@gmail.com) cannot reset her password in order to accept indemnity. She is getting the “Password Reset – User with this username or email does not exist. Please check your entry and try again” message. I can see Michelle Davis associated with that same email on the KA site but nothing is being returned on WP. Thoughts?

– 10.21 – Looked up the user by email in WordPress and couldn’t find one so I made an account for them and emailed them their password.

  • 11.10 – I keep deleting the user Nancy Watkins from the member listing on KA site and the profile keeps reappearing upon refresh. The member has asked to be removed. Please asvise

11.11 Small DB update required. Tested by deleting Nancy. Works now.

  • 11.12 – NEW – I have to assign Pam Dean as an assistant Lieutenant but her email on the site is not the email she’d like to use going forward (rapsmimi@icloud.com). Do I simply change the email on her KA profile and then proceed to assign her as Assistant Lt after that? Just want to be sure I won’t break anything if I proceeded to do so.

11.12 Change the email in WordPress and assign the role. The username will not change but they can login with their new email. Then also change their email in the /members table.

  • 11.13 – REPLY – I was confirming that the assistant Lt assignment was correct but I no longer see Pam Dean when searching in Word Press…. Please advise

11.24 Fixed

  • 11.17 – NEW – Assistant Lt. Bryan Lowrie is not able to see any of the tables under his Assistant Lt access. He is NOT using Internet Explorer (using Safari but confirmed same behavior is shown in Chrome. Seems like something is incorrect.

11.24 Fixed

  • 11.17 – NEW – Member Mike Doran wants to change his email as he no longer can access the previously used email. Where exactly should I go about editing his email WordPress or KA site using Admin tools?

11.24 Both please. 

  • 11.25 – OK, I will attempt to change his email in both locations. Please confirm Mike Dorans email now reflects as neworleansmd@aol.com. I edited it on both location but WordPress seems to have the original email even after I saved to the new email address. In the future, can members complete this process of editing their emails on their own?? And if it went through successfully, will the groups/segments on MailChimp update automatically?

12.1 Looks good for Mike Dorans. I’ll add a way to update email option. It will just take a minute to make sure everything gets changed at once – WordPress, Mailchimp, Registration. I’ll update ticket when complete

  • 2.15 – NEW – When clicking on members orders button all the way to the right of the Member listing page, the information pulled is persistent even when clicking another member. Definitely is a bug that we’ll need to address.

Product Orders on the /members page is fixed

  • 4.26 – NEW – Please add a notification that any regular member (separate from Lieutenant or Assistant Lieutenant notifications) will see if they have a missing information (indemnification, costume size, address, etc.) Hopefully that will lead people in the right direction of what is needed in future years.

Multiple Dates – NEW & REPLY – Signup Process

  • – 10.8 – NEW – When Renewing or signing up, can we implement an email verification to be sure members are using valid email address’ now and into the future?

On staging: https://staging.kreweofkingarthur.com/create-account/ I’ve set it up to send an email to verify with Mailchimp prior to being able to fill out the registration form. If you confirm the email, you are subscribed to Mailchimp and able to get to the form on /registration. See if the process works for you. You can use an email like: josh+test@kreweofkingarthur.com and it will typically still get delivered to your email.

  • – 10.27 – REPLY – I did use the staging link to create another account and I received the email from King Arthur but I did not get a verification email delivered to me from MailChimp. Is the email from King Arthur the only one I am to expect to receive? I’ve checked my junk as well. Thoughts?? I did get to the registration screen on the King Arthur site. Speaking of the King Arthur registration site, can you put the “CHECK YOUR EMAIL TO VERIFY WITH MAILCHIMP BEFORE REGISTERING” at the top of the page as opposed to at the bottom for max visibility.


  • 4.27 – NEW – I have noticed several applications where people are simply not inputting a costume size and then I have to follow up. This leads me to ask the question of what fields are mandatory to fill out in order to proceed. I would hope most fields are absolutely mandatory right now (phone number, costume size, name, email, address, newsletter, etc.) Please advise if these are not actually mandatory at every location where signup is possible (DJ, Swap, Friends and Family, own signup) on both Web and Mobile


  • 4.27 – NEW – I have noticed that several members are signing up without payment. Are there any blockades we can add to the signup process to combat this other than stating (even more) that application and payment must be submitted at the same time?


  • 4.27 – NEW – We will need to come up with a solution for guardians to indemnify for individuals deemed not mentally fit to indemnify for themselves. I do want to keep the DOB check and be able to have the Adult email able to indemnify for minors. Open to suggestions but for now I have required anyone with this situation to create another profile to complete indemnification.

Multiple Dates – NEW – Fallen Knights

  • – 9.22 – NEW – Change the name of the page from Obituaries to “Fallen Knights”. Can also include “King Arthur’s Fallen Knights” as a page header.


  • –  10.15 – NEW – What are your thoughts on building in some sort ability into these posts? Over time it will probably get very cluttered without


  • – 10.15 – NEW – I think it would be beneficial to add a Float Lieutenant Line per entry. This would allow members another choice to sort by. (In addition to recency.)


  • – 10.15 – NEW – I also think breaking up the date of passing and the Years riding would help us with the sort ability in the future.

2.24 – NEW – Email Functionality

  • – Talked to Kevin yesterday. John and myself now have Mailchimp accounts to send bulk emails but a few questions are below.

Asking Kevin to set me up as well. He did. I’m set up.

  • – Which Tags/Groups should we be using to send emails? Kevin mentioned there should be some custom choices for the following but he doesnt see them: Lts, Paid, Non-Paid, Non-Indeminity, Inactive. (May add more as time goes).

Yes, look at the groups and let me know what we need that is missing. We have Unpaid and under Compliance if they are missing the indemnity or missing the costume field. We also have newsletter which means they chose yes on the registration form to receive a newsletter.

  •  REPLY – Great, in addition to the ones you mention we should have Groups for the following: Paid, Lts Only, Lts and Assistant Lts, Inactive.

These groups have been added.

  • – REPLY – Can we also get a listing of fake emails (hard & soft bounce) so we can reach out to those individuals in the future.

Mailchimp “cleans” removes ability to send to bounces. I made a segment of the “cleaned” addresses in Mailchimp. I’ll email you the list that were cleaned and have signed up.

  • – REPLY – Kevin mentioned he tried using the email directly from the website function for about 30 sends early in the development process but he encountered an error. Can you do more testing to verify that functionality works for at least 100 selections at a time?

It should be unlimited. Checking on this. It looks like it’s working for more than 30 selected members if they are contacts which should be the case for all members. It’s possible he tested it before we had all the addresses synching on a daily basis. I will look into the difference in numbers you mentioned below.

  • 10.5.20 – I am only seeing 1,464 addresses total if I combine all of the segments you created. We have over 1500 signed up. would the missing members be because of the fake/bounced emails that were sent

I identified several fake addresses that were not on the Mailchimp list and added them. Cleaning shouldn’t delete them so I’m not sure why they were rejected on initial add. The discrepancy in the number now is cleaned or unsubscribed addresses. You can see the full list by clicking on the group.

  • 10.5.20 – I have been asked to request an enhancement for when Lieutenants send an email to their float, that a confirmation email pop up, confirming that the email they are sending actually sent.

There is a confirmation message in red (failed) or green (sent). Additionally, they can always include themselves in the email.

  • 10.6 To clarify, the email confirmation is when Lieutenants send email from KA’s website, not by using MailChimp. Are you confirming that the red or green message shows up by sending email from KA’s site?

I’ll send an email with a screenshot of the messages.

  • 10.6 Lieutenants have asked to have the ability to send attachements to their respective email listings when using the KA page email portal. THey use this for Float position forms, Parade staging maps, etc.

Attachments are not possible. I’ll send you an instruction guide on what is possible.

  • NEW – 11.10 – We need additional segment created for “Officers”. Also, the “Inactive” segment only has 1 member of that group which seems odd. Is it not finished being created?

11.11 We’ve only deactivated 1 person. They are active by default when they sign up. Are you looking for a group of everyone who is in Mailchimp that isn’t signed up for this year?

  • 11.12 – REPLY – Thanks for creating the Officer segment on MailChimp but it seems that I have not been included (josh@kreweofkingarthur.com). Further, Anne’s email should reflect anne@kreweofkingarthur.com, Jason’s should reflect Jason@kreweofkingarthur.com, Michael’s should reflect michael@kreweofkingarthur.com, Jacob’s should reflect Jacob@kreweofkingarthur.com & Chris’s should reflect chris@kreweofkingarthur.com. I am still trying to get my Uncle (Philip Fricano) and John W on board with using the KA email as they say it is very slow and unreliable. Is there anything we can do in the future concerning that issue?
  • And yes EXACTLY! If possible I’d like the Inactive group to be everyone that is signed up but not active for the current year. Of course this would change yearly so maybe we can build in logic on the backend to rotate actives/inactives yearly into segments without interaction on your part
  • Do we have an email segment for members that have not indemnified online as of yet? Again this would change yearly or even daily so may be worth looking into automating the process of editing the segment as members may change as soon as it is created.

11.12 REPLY We’ve got a group in Mailchimp with the folks who don’t have an indemnity and another group for people without a costume. They are under the Compliance header in the groups page. Right now, we’ve got the various Mailchimp groups populated by a scheduled task. It runs every few minutes and updates 10 people at a time, adding/removing from the various groups. So it should run through everyone once a day and more or less keep things up to date in Mailchimp. The Officers group was populated that way. To change the emails, we can update them in WordPress and then also in the /members page and it should update the Mailchimp list within 24 hours. I’ll deactivate all those that aren’t signed up for this year and they should get picked up by the scheduled task.

  • 11.13 – REPLY – Again just verifying that I was added to the Officer group and I am still not in the group. I will check again on Monday as the “push edit” may not have happened yet.

11.24 I can see you under officers. Inactive is also updating and should be up to date within 24 hours.

  • 11.25 – REPLY – When I try to send a test Campaign to the Officer Group/segment, I only see 7 contact emails (Jason Tullos, Jacob Bitoun, Michael Knight, Chris Leonard, Anne Brown, Phil Fricano & John Wambsgans) but we have 8 Board Members. Also cannot help but notice that I am the only Board member why has their Kreweofkingarthur email on my member profile. Don’t know if its related.

Fixedish. We can change their emails just should probably be done in WordPress Users and /Members.

  • 12.8 – REPLY – Now I do see 8 members of the OFFICER group in MailChimp (Vera was added) but I still do not see any reference to MY own email address josh@kreweofkingarthur.com when sending an email from webmaster@kreweofkingarthur.com.

You don’t have Officer permissions in WordPress. To join the officer list, find your user in WordPress and give yourself Officer permissions and you should be added to the Mailchimp group in 24 hours.

  • 12.30 – Under my user in WordPress, the “Additional Capabilities” section is not present as it is for all other users that I have tested. Mine does not have selectable options. Looks like my profile is hardcoded into ADMIN & LT roles…..

1.12 There should be a User Roles box just above Additional Capabilities. Sorry for the confusion. May be your view is different or just hard to find options. No matter, I went ahead and added the Officer to your user. 

  • 2.12 – NEW – I know you’ve done several things to try and clear out emails after a successful send but emails sent on the site are still not clearing out the body nor resetting recipients after a successful send.


  • 2.24 – NEW – Would be beneficial to figure out a way for Lieutenants to change email on King Arthur website and that filter to all other mediums with minimal issues for end user.  WordPress, MailChimp groups, etc.


  • 2.24 – NEW – A few Lieutenants have expressed interest in seeing the emails that they have sent from their queue within the King Arthur webpage. They’ve also stated that all emails are coming from webmaster@kreweofkingarthur.com. Don’t know if that is possible but I will say that I would also like to continue seeing who is sending what through official krewe channels. Further, I don’t plan on giving any additional people access to MailChimp as that is the only place I know of to see all emails.

Multiple Dates – NEW – Miscellaneous

  • 3.5 – NEW – Sometime in the last week the notification to go back to “log in as myself” has disappeared from the top of the page. It was a great tool when I was testing and I’d like to get it back as it saved a ton of time.
  • 3.5 – NEW – Maybe we can add a message at the top of the page for ADMINS ONLY to know who we are logged in as while testing.
  • 4.12- NEW – It has been brought to my attention that when clicking the Privacy Policy link that the member encounters an error and is brought to a store page that I haven’t seen before. Definitely will need addressing.

I removed the link to the privacy policy until we have a page for it. There’s a draft of a page but it needs content.

  • 4.12 – NEW – King Arthur Vice President, John Wambsgans has brought the issue of him having to login multiple times back up. A few months ago, you had mentioned that you would look into the issue. I can ask him to describe his situation in an email again if necessary.

I can’t find any reason for John’s issue with logging in. I’ll follow up with him. 

  • 7.22 – NEW – Can we add a dropdown on the first page that is showing a countdown to parade day?

9.16 – NEW – Non-Riding Membership

  • – 9.16 – NEW – We have had a few people inquire about the possibility of a Non-Riding membership. This would allow them to keep up with what King Arthur is doing by being on the official email listing as well as being invited to all Official (non-ticketed) krewe events. This membership would cost $99 and be renewed yearly. Would need this to launch in 2022 when we open up membership on or around March 1st 2022. This will likely tie into the need for grouping members. Some of the Groups that I foresee are Officer, Lieutenant, Assistant Lieutenant, DJ, Swap, Royal, Non Riding, etc.