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4.17.2023 – 2024 Regular Dues Now in Effect


Starting April 17th, 2023, pending available space, anyone interested joining the Krewe of King Arthur or those with previous incomplete applications will be responsible for the 2024 Regular dues rate of $600 per member whether the applicant would be RETURNING or NEW until all spots have sold out.

Please reach out to your prospective Float Lieutenant for more information concerning.



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4.6.2023 – 2024 Early Bird Open to all (pending available space)


Starting today, April 6th, pending availability of space on certain floats, anyone interested in joining the Krewe of King Arthur will be able to do so. Dues will remain at $400 for an additional period of time expiring on or around April 16th, 2023 or until sold out.

**If you have or someone has paid Early Bird dues on your behalf and you have an incomplete application once Early Bird expires, you will be responsible for the Regular dues rate of $600 after that point. If you have not paid any dues once Early Bird Expires, you will be deactivated from the system and will be required to reapply for membership.**

Please reach out to your prospective Float Lieutenant for more information concerning.



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A Statement from King Arthur


We are deeply saddened and hurt by the acts of racism that have taken place across the nation and here in New Orleans.

The Krewe of King Arthur stands firm in our belief and motto that we welcome all that share our love in Mardi Gras and New Orleans. We continue to uphold the fundamental grounds that our club was founded on 44 years ago which is one of diversity, inclusion, equality, and acceptance. We celebrate diversity and have been working for years on an anti-bullying campaign that supports our ideology. Our Krewe continues to expand the traditional story of King Arthur by embracing additional characters that represent all backgrounds and ethnicities.

Our love of New Orleans is only enhanced by the multi-faceted cultures and influential contributions of everyone within our city and surrounding areas. Our goals have always been to create a safe environment for people to enjoy Carnival while promoting equality and positive social change.

The Krewe of King Arthur has no defined relationship with any other Krewe other than having mutual members or providing support throughout the years. Any statements made by any other Krewe do not reflect the deeply held beliefs of our Krewe.

We recognize that staying silent is not an option and is betrayal to our fellow members. The Krewe of King Arthur stands with our community and behind the Black Lives Matter movement and against any forms of social injustice.

We are humbled by what our diverse board, lieutenants, and membership from all parts of the world have brought to our organization. We do not have all the answers, but we will continue our efforts for change and welcome all that share the common convictions of our Krewe. The Krewe of King Arthur continues to listen and act upon our learnings and welcomes the feedback of our members. Together we can all bring forth change – we can all be the embodiment of the legendary round table of King Arthur.